Panchvati Deluxe Room

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There are 18 deluxe rooms in all at Panchvati Cottages. Make your pick at the one you want and also during certain peak months, you will get a room assigned by the team. Many hotels and resorts have certain restrictions for unmarried couples. Some well-known hotels and resorts do not allow unmarried couples to stay on their premises for vacation. However, this is the difference when you choose Panchvati Cottages. Here, we do not judge you and you are welcome to stay with your friend or partner. All you need to do is produce a valid ID card or passport to confirm that you are over 18 years of age and the rest is a cakewalk. Enjoy the below-mentioned amenities and have a serene and peaceful stay here.

  • It has a big area for you to not feel cramped inside a small dingy apartment.
  • King-sized beds for a comfortable sleep.
  • you get premium quality bedsheets and furnishings in bright colors for you to set the Vibe in.
  • Free and robust WIFI in case you want to work from here.
  • There is a power backup.
  • Luggage storage facility to safe-keep your things safe.
  • Covid related measures and protocols are followed here at all times like hand sanitization and sanitization of premises.
  • Every room has an attached bathroom maintained by the housekeeping team. Enjoy warm and cold water facilities round the clock.
  • Refrigerator facility to keep your bottle of chilled beer or soft drinks.
  • There are many charging sockets for you to comfortably charge your devices.
  • There is a movie-style fireplace near which you can unwind with a book and a drink.
  • It is taken care to keep baby food and nutrition-enriched drinks.
  • The staff is multi-lingual so feel free to converse with them in your choice of language.
  • Since there is ample space inside the premises relax and do not worry about disturbances by other tourists.
  • Housekeeping services round the clock is just a call away.
Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room
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