Panchvati Cottages has several rooms to pick and choose from whilst you stay here. There are two categories of rooms i.e., the Deluxe room and the Family Suite.

The Deluxe rooms are suited for couples or a small group of friends.

The Family Suite is designed to suit the needs of a family of 3 or more.

Well-spaced rooms ensure that you have your privacy and are not disturbed by other tourists staying in the resort..

Let us look at the various amenities that are part and parcel of the Deluxe rooms and Family suite. These facilities combined with a hospitable staff would make your stay memorable and one of the best.


There are 18 deluxe rooms in all at Panchvati Cottages. Make your pick at the one you want and also during certain peak months, you will get a room assigned by the team. Many hotels and resorts have certain restrictions for unmarried couples. Some well-known hotels and resorts do not allow unmarried couples to stay on their premises for vacation. However, this is the difference when you choose Panchvati Cottages. Here, we do not judge you and you are welcome to stay with your friend or partner. All you need to do is produce a valid ID card or passport to confirm that you are over 18 years of age and the rest is a cakewalk. Enjoy the below-mentioned amenities and have a serene and peaceful stay here.

Deluxe Room


As the name suggests, a family suite is perfectly curated for your family’s staycation here. There are 3 family suites in all for you to pick and choose from. We understand the need for a family to stay happily together and we welcome you to spend some quality time here at Panchvati Cottages. Here we ensure that every safety protocol is taken care of and every need is met. Relax with your family, and have fun and banter while the excellent and experienced resort staff gets you everything in a call.

Deluxe Room
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